IMTS 2024

IMTS 2024
Chicago, Illinois
September 9, 2024 — September 14, 2024

IMS Software, ModuleWorks and Mastercam Collaborate on G-Code Simulation

Haverhill, MA – September 2, 2022 – IMS Software, ModuleWorks and Mastercam have collaborated on the development of IMSce for Mastercam. The software solution extends the Mastercam machine simulation with G-code parsing and verification for diverse machine tools and controllers.

IMSce for Mastercam combines IMS G-code emulation with the ModuleWorks simulation and post processing technology to (more…)

IMS Software has released version 8.4 of IMSpost™ and IMSverify™

Haverhill, MA – August 26, 2022 – IMS Software has released version 8.4 of IMSpost™ and IMSverify™

Updates to IMSpost include:

Refinements to internal algorithms for improved performance.
Sorting and filtering in dialogs with large grids for improved usability.
Enhancements to controller emulation development and debugging – new variable panes, infinite loop detection, and syntax checking.
New “validate machine” function (more…)

IMS Software Releases IMSce for Siemens NX

Haverhill, MA – October 7, 2019 — IMS Software has announced the release of IMSce for Siemens NX.

IMSce for Siemens NX provides G-code parsing and CNC controller emulation for a wide variety of CNC machine tools and controllers for verification and machine simulation inside of NX CAM from Siemens Digital Industries Software.

‘With the release of IMSce (more…)

Massachusetts-based IMS Software joins OMIC R&D

Haverhill, MA — September 26, 2018 The Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Research and Development (OMIC R&D) continues to grow its company membership with the recent addition of IMS Software, based out of Haverhill, Massachusetts. With a total now of eighteen manufacturing industry partners and three Oregon public universities, the Scappoose, Oregon based R&D facility continues to build a world-class operation to develop advanced metals manufacturing technologies through its research and development activities. (далее…)

IMS Software Releases IMSpost & IMSverify 8.3

Haverhill, MA – May 16, 2018 — IMS Software has released version 8.3 of IMSpost™ and IMSverify™.

Updates to IMSpost include:
• User interface improvements, including a user-customizable “quick access” toolbar for easy access to frequently-used commands.

• New, more intuitive and customizable interactive debugger layout.

• Support for machines with axis defined as a spline (e.g. aerospace track (more…)

David McCarthy Joins IMS Software as COO

Haverhill, MA – March 10, 2017 — IMS Software has appointed David McCarthy to the newly created position of chief operating officer (COO).

An accomplished executive McCarthy has held a variety of operational roles in his 20-year career, including experience with small and mid-sized manufacturing companies as well as private equity.

‘IMS is in a unique position in (more…)

IMS Software goes Gold at UKIEF 2017

Haverhill, MA – February 24, 2017 Intrinsys, the Intelligent Engineering Company, is pleased to announce that IMS Software will return to the UKIEF as a Gold partner on 5th April 2017.
IMS will exhibit their latest Intelligent Engineering solutions and attendees will have the opportunity to meet IMS and network with their senior engineering staff.
A (more…)

IMS Software Releases IMSpost 8.2

Haverhill, MA – February 17, 2017 — IMS Software has released version 8.2 of IMSpost™ incorporating many new features and capabilities. Significant enhancements include:

• User interface improvements, including floating/docking windows for macro editing and debugging, to maximize use of dual-monitor workstations.

• New interface for working plane (frames) management, with support for all major CNC controller vendor (more…)