Haverhill, Massachusetts – July 11, 2013 – IMS Software announced Creative CNC of Waukesha, Wisconsin as the newest reseller of IMSpost for CNC postprocessing and IMSverify for CNC verification and simulation in North America.

“Creative CNC LLC routinely works with clients who currently use or are just starting to get into 5-axis machining. The trickiest part of this process, many times, is the interface between the programming software and the machine” said Janet Murphy, co-founder of Creative CNC. “IMS Software offers a stand-alone postprocessor that’s easy to configure, compatible with most CAM systems and allows changes on the fly. IMSverify simulates G-code allowing end-users to debug the NC program immediately. With IMS Software, our clients have one stand-alone, Windows-based environment that can be used with a variety of machine tools and CAM systems.”

“Creative CNC brings a unique combination of skills and experience to the customers they serve” said Dan Wrenn, president and co-founder of IMS. “We look forward to bringing the benefits of multiaxis machining to many new companies through this partnership.”

About IMS

IMS Software, Inc., founded in 1989, is a recognized leader in providing NC postprocessing, verification and simulation solutions and services to companies seeking a competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry. With headquarters in Haverhill, MA., IMS solutions are sold worldwide, addressing the needs of companies of all sizes, primarily in the automotive, aerospace and defense, general manufacturing and machinery, and electromechanical industries.

Information on IMSpost, IMSce and IMSverify is available at https://www.ims-software.com.

About Creative CNC

Established in 2010, Creative CNC was conceived by passionate machine tool enthusiasts filling voids in the industry: excellent customer and a non-intimidating approach to 5-axis machining. For further information visit http://www.creativecnc.net

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