IMS training courses focus on student needs so that each student learns to become productive in his/her specific environment. Courses are designed to:

  • Show you how to get the most out of our postprocessing software
  • Help you develop fully functional postprocessors quickly

Basic and Advanced Training
We offer two levels of training:

  • Basic training enables you to become familiar with day-to-day product use. Three-day, introductory level courses are scheduled regularly.
  • An advanced course teaches you the more detailed features of macro programming, machine design, IMSmodel product use. Three-day advanced courses are scheduled quarterly.

Held at the new, state-of-the-art IMS training facility in Massachusetts, courses are taught by experienced IMS staff members. Please contact us for any specific requirments you may have, or to schedule a class at your site.

IMS training courses are available on a regular basis. For schedule and course agendas, please contact us.

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