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IMSconvert provides unparalleled power for converting machine ISO formats (g-code) to standard APT language, or between machine formats.

Extend the life of your legacy CAM programs to your new machines. Convert old programs to run on new machines without regeneration from the original CAD/CAM model.

IMSconvert makes the IMSpost family of postprocessing software the complete link between all your CAM systems and CNC machinery.

IMSconvert features

  • Complete library of reverse postprocessors for all controllers supported by IMSpost
  • Support for:
    • Multiaxis machines
    • Controller subroutines>
    • Controller variables and expressions
  • Customizable via IMSpost macro language

Every IMS library postprocessor includes IMSconvert reverse post functionality. Select the desired format from our extensive library and get started!

The intuitive user interface provides an efficient work environment, and the state-of-the-art development tools used by IMS ensures you will have a utility to be used well into the future.

IMSconvert uses the same intuitive interface found in all IMSpost products.

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