IMS: the New Standard for Post Creation at Cimatron

IMSpost software available with Cimatron version 11

Haverhill, MA (USA) February 1, 2000 - With the soon to be released Cimatron Version 11.1, Cimatron has adopted and recommends users to post process and create posts using the friendly and powerful IMSpost. Intelligent Manufacturing Software Inc. has over twenty yeas of industry experience in delivering post processor solutions.

IMSpost is a macro-based system. All postprocessor output is generated through the execution of an IMSpost macro. This design gives you complete control over the output of your postprocessor. You do not need to write macros for each of your postprocessors. Instead, you can use the IMSpost dialog boxes and menus to edit the parameters of the pre-built macros. In most cases, you do not need to perform any macro programming to create the postprocessor you want.

By combining ease of use for novices with unlimited power and flexibility for the advanced user, IMSpost is now the standard for posting output from Cimatron. The strengths of IMSpost include:

Wizard - a step through sequence of operations that will help the novice programmer construct a working postprocessor. Ability to directly import machine models from IMSmodel library. Ability to instruct the post to fit a circle (or a straight line) within a series of points. Support for circular interpolation blocks outside of the 3 major planes. IMS supports processing for NURBS programs.

Intelligent Manufacturing Software, Inc., founded in 1989, is a recognized leader in providing NC Postprocessing solutions and services to companies seeking a competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry. With headquarters in Haverhill, Massachusetts IMS postprocessing solutions are sold worldwide, addressing the needs of companies of all sizes, primarily in the automotive, aerospace and defense, general manufacturing and machinery, and electromechanical industries.

Visit our web site at to download a working demo copy of IMSpost.

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