IMS Releases IMSpost version 6.0

Part of the IMSsuite - The Total CNC Software Solution

29 June, 2000 - Haverhill, Massachusetts - Intelligent Manufacturing Software today announced the availability of the latest revision to their popular CNC Postprocessor software, IMSpost version 6.0.

Many new advanced features are now available in the standard IMSpost product, including NURBS fitting, arc fitting in any plane, support for High Speed Machining, support for CNC subprograms, and advanced linearization for multi-axis machines.

In addition, the intuitive, windows based, user-interface has been updated to include support for user-defined menus and dialogs, and the IMS macro processor, with source level debugging tools, provides support for the most complicated postprocessor configurations. This latest release re-emphasizes IMS's commitment to making powerful software that is flexible and easy to use.

This latest release also includes the FLEXlm license manager from GLOBEtrotter Software, Inc., providing a cost effective floating license solution for our customers working in a networked environment. Over 2,000 software vendors have licensed GLOBEtrotter's licensing technology worldwide.

According to Dan Wrenn, President of IMS North America, 'Version 6 of IMSpost continues our commitment to providing state-of-the-art technology for our partners and customers, protecting their investment by offering technology that can be used well into the future.'

Founded in 1989, Intelligent Manufacturing Software, Inc. is a leading supplier of NC Postprocessing solutions and services to companies seeking a competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry.

With headquarters in Haverhill, Massachusetts IMS postprocessing solutions are sold worldwide, addressing the needs of companies of all sizes, primarily in the automotive, aerospace and defense, general manufacturing and machinery, consumer product and electromechanical industries.

Visit our web site at to download a working demo copy of IMSpost.

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