Toolpath Interpretation capability offered with Production Module v7.0 release

CHICAGO, ILL. (Sept. 11, 2014) –Third Wave Systems, the premier provider of validated material physics-based modeling solutions and services, and IMS Software, global provider of postprocessing solutions, announced a partnership today at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. The two companies have partnered together to provide a capability to model new machines within Production Module, Third Wave Systems’ machining modeling and optimization product.

The partnership comes from Third Wave Systems responding to the needs of its Production Module customers who have been waiting for the capability to model the latest in machine tools and machine tool controllers. Third Wave Systems will integrate IMS Software’s extensive capability to interpret CNC machining toolpaths for turning and milling machines, including multi-axis milling and the latest in machine controllers.

“We’re excited to include this capability that allows Third Wave Systems customers to model and optimize the most complex machined components using Production Module,” Kerry Marusich, Third Wave Systems president, said. “This new capability allows customers to model forces, stresses and temperatures in difficult to machine metals on more components than ever before.”

Production Module will retain the same functionality and core capability as before, but through the partnership with IMS Software, Third Wave Systems users will have the ability to model more machines and optimize a larger number of parts than ever before. Third Wave Systems will embed IMS software within Production Module for improved toolpath interpretation so Third Wave Systems customers can easily model more machines with better results, have more accurate simulations and a faster setup time. By modeling and optimizing more components with Production Module, customers will be able to create an even larger and faster improvement in profitability for their machined components.

“We’re delighted to enter this partnership with Third Wave Systems,” Dan Wrenn, president and co-founder of IMS Software said. “The synergy between our products will benefit customers immediately, and the alignment of our respective development strategies will deliver even greater capabilities in the future.”

The capability will be released with the new version of Production Module, scheduled for a fall release.

ABOUT THIRD WAVE SYSTEMS, INC. > Third Wave Systems ( is the premier provider of validated material physics-based modeling solutions and services. The physics-based machining simulation software products and services is used to optimize machining processes, giving engineers access to more information than trial-and- error tests and allowing them to make better decisions. Third Wave’s modeling products and services are used by progressive companies to dramatically reduce costs of machined components, accelerate design cycles, improve part quality and get to market faster. Third Wave is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA and has distributors throughout Europe and Asia.

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